When a tourist visits Italy for the first time, they usually go to Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan.  These are all beautiful places to behold, but  the brightest jewels lay just off the beaten path. We perused the web to bring you 10 little known towns in Italy that are well worth a visit. Check […]
Over the years,  the American diet has drastically changed and that has resulted in a rise in health issues. It is common to have deficiencies in certain nutrients and lack of magnesium is the most common. It’s difficult to get magnesium from food sources, which is really bad because magnesium is a key mineral in the […]
Everyone has a different metabolic rate and of course, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water are three of the best things you can do to help speed up your metabolism. You can also make a huge change by eating right. Here’s a list of foods that have been known to […]
When Kayleigh Haywood received a message on Facebook from 28-year-old Luke Harlow, they started talking on a regular basis.  After exchanging over 2,600 texts in 2015, he convinced her to meet him and spend the night at his house.  His 29-year-old neighbor, Stephen Beadman, held her against her will for more than two days and […]
Were you bombarded with questions, statements and rhetorical questions, repetitively day after day, for what felt like an entire lifetime, by your mother? Well if that’s true for you, keep it up!  Studies have proven that nagging mothers are more likely to raise successful daughters. Researcher Ericka Rascon-Ramirez from the University of Essex has led […]
Have you ever purchased a horrific cake? Check out these hilarious cake decorators fails…; 1. You have to love that Apple loyalty. 2. Yes? 3. Because why just use the graphic when you can include the entire file, text and all? 4. She handed this decorator a flash drive with the photo she wanted to […]
Thanksgiving is a time when most Americans join friends and family for special celebrations and memories. But for those who are serving in the military, that’s impossible, of course. Such was the case this year for Marine Cpl. Alex Martinez and his Third Battalion, Seventh Marines Regiment in Afghanistan. War, unfortunately, doesn’t take days off […]
Women all over the U.S. are scheduling appointments with their gynecologists following the election of Donald Trump as the next president. Women in the U.S. are encouraging others to see their gynecologists, saying “You have 70 days,” out of fear of restrictions Trump’s administration may put on birth control during his presidency. Under the Affordable […]